Morbid Obesity: Peri-Operative Management


ISBN 0-9684426-0-9 400 pages, 32 chapters, more than 100 illustrations

Because of continuing demand, this 1989 classic has been REPRINTED in 1998.

Provides in-depth presentation of obesity, its ramifications, and the history of the development of bariatric surgery and its principles. Every bariatric surgeon and allied health professional should have a copy of this classic.

Edited by Mervyn Deitel, with contributions by George Cowan, Boyd Terry, Edward E. Mason, Iain Cleator, Michael Grace, Lubomir Kuzmak, Daniel Roncari, Pauline Powers, Gerald Goodman, Alexander Rosemurgy, Otto Willbanks, John Kral, Leslie Wise, Joel Freeman, Aubie Angel, and 32 additional experts in various aspects of this complex field, presented with clarity.

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Surgery for the Morbidly Obese Patient

Mervyn Deitel
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Including Laparoscopy and Allied Care
The Treatment of Extreme Obesity

The current comprehensive textbook.
560 pages, 196 illustrations, with index. Hardcover,
ISBN 0-9684426-1-7 (published July 2000)

A medicolegal advantage. The complete knowledge of the field of obesity and its surgery.

Editor: Mervyn Deitel, MD, Canada
Co-Editor: George S.M. Cowan Jr, MD, USA
With contributions by 88 authors, including: Claude Bouchard, Pauline Powers, Emanuel Hell, Lloyd MacLean, Nicola Scopinaro, Horacio Oria, Robert Brolin, Pat O’Leary, Jan Greve, Louis Martin, Martin Fried, Peter Forsell, Karl Miller, Mal Fobi, Edward Mason, Picard Marceau, Geltrude Mingrone, Ilan Charuzi, Miguel Herrera, Latham Flanagan , Hans Lönroth, Andrew Jamieson, Philip Schauer, Lars Boman, Iain Cleator, Cornelius Doherty, Boyd Terry, Artin Ternamian, Cynthia Buffington, Laird Birmingham, James Sapala, Barry Fisher, Barbara Rhode, Marco Castagneto, Simon Biron, Lloyd Hiler, James Maher, Shlomo Kyzer, Wim van Gemert, Rafael Alvarez-Cordero, Rita Raman, Vajravel Prasad and many other experts.

Topics covered:
Etiology & genetics, eating disorders, obesity in children, resting energy expenditure, the co-morbidities due to massive obesity, reversibility of insulin resistance, criteria for selection of patients for surgery, standards for bariatric surgeons, anesthesia, late complications of jejunoileal bypass, biliointestinal bypass, ileogastrostomy, gastroplasties, gastric bypass, vitamin-mineral supplementation, breakdown of staple-lines, marginal ulceration, the Fobi pouch, biliopancreatic diversion, limb-lengths, equipment for LAPAROSCOPIC bariatric surgery, laparoscopic access, laparoscopic bariatric operations – gastroplasty and gastric bypass, laparoscopic gastric banding techniques, upper GI endoscopy, revisions, sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, lipid abnormalities, gallbladder disease, gynecologic-obstetric features, medicolegal problems, quality of life, plastic surgery, liaison and training.

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Morbid Obesity: Peri-Operative Management

Adrian Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief

• First comprehensive book to detail the care of the morbidly obese patient before,

during, and after surgery

• Offers a complete and structured collection of data from the most experienced and

recognized anesthesiologists throughout the world

• Essential reading for anesthesiologists, surgeons, and clinicians working with morbidly

obese patients


Pathophysiology: cardiac and haemodynamics/ Pathophysiology: respiratory system/

Pathophysiology: digestive system/ Pathophysiology: physiological changes during

laparoscopy/ Anaesthesia risks/ Informed consent: legal aspects/ Preoperative evaluation/

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics/ Muscular relaxants/ Renal function and

preoperative fluid therapy/ Deep venous thrombosis/ Position and mobilization/

Pulsioximetry, capnography and arterial blood gas monitoring/  Brain electrical activity and BIS monitoring/ Airway management/ Respiratory system / Volatile anaesthesia/ Application of pharmacokinetics and dynamics to guide anaesthetic drugs delivery/ General anaesthesia/ ICU management/ Nursing management/  Anaesthesia for delivery

and caesarean section/ Electrocardiography/ Left ventricular morphology and function/ How to prevent and treat infections in the morbidly obese/ Haemodynamic monitoring in morbid obesity/ Preoperative management of hypertension, coronary disease and haemodynamic instability in the morbidly obese/ Preoperative management of diabetes mellitus in the morbidly obese/ Postanaesthetic care units in morbidly obese/ Postoperative analgesia

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