Organization of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery:

United States: Massachusetts

State Hospital Doctor / Mobile Town Phone / Fax
Massachusetts B.I. Deaconess Med. Ctr., West Campus MD. Blackburn, George L., Spouse: Susan, Email: Boston, MA, USA +1/617/632-8543 +1/617/632-0235
Massachusetts Brigham & Women's Hospital MD. Cabot, Edmund B., Spouse: Betsy, Boston, MA, USA +1/617/732-6804
Massachusetts   MD. Reines, H. David, Spouse: Gail Newton, MA, USA +1/617/243-6496 +1/617/243-6669
Massachusetts Box 900, New England Med. Center MD. Shikora, Scott A., Spouse: Susan, Boston, MA, USA +1/617/636-0158 +1/617/636-9095
Massachusetts   MD. Thayer, Bruce A., Spouse: Susan, Newton, MA, USA +1/617/243-3724 +1/781/444-5403