Organization of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery:

United States: Maryland

State Hospital Doctor / Mobile Town Phone / Fax
Maryland   MD. Hall, Terrye L., Spouse: Joel, Email: Germantown, MD, USA +1/301/515-0787
Maryland Stem-Ross Professional Bldg. MD. Kfoury, Emil F., Spouse: Elizabeth Baltimore MD, USA +1/410/780-3640 +1/410/780-5221
Maryland Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Dept. of Surgery MD. Magnuson, Thomas H., Spouse: Margaret, Email: Baltimore, MD, USA +1/410/550-3466 +1/410/550-1895
Maryland   MD. Marcus, William Y., Spouse: Leslie Taylor, Email: Silver Spring, MD, USA +1/301/681-9500 +1/301/681-5031
Maryland   MD. Shellenberger, Eileen S., Spouse: Gene Baltimore, MD, USA +1/410/391-1675 +1/410/256-2877
Maryland   MD. Vanguri, Apparao, Spouse: Padma Baltimore, MD, USA +1/410/882-3162 +1/410/882-3164