The LAP-BAND System A Safe and Effective Surgical Option


In summary, published clinical reports on the LAP-BAND System note several advantages over other surgical techniques and many surgeons have adopted the LAP-BAND System over other obesity procedure (49). The procedure is considered less traumatic than other forms of restrictive surgery as there is no cutting, crushing or stapling of the stomach or gastrointestinal tract and, should it be necessary to remove the band, normal stomach anatomy is restored.


Laparoscopic placement has been shown to reduce patient trauma, pain, scarring, hospitalization and recovery time for cholecystectomy and other procedures. Utilizing the LAP-BAND System, surgeons report that the average operating time is two hours and the patient is able to return home after two to three days (9)(20)(32)(41)(46)(69). Studies indicate a weight loss similar to other gastric restrictive surgical procedures but with an adjustability and reversibility not available in other types of obesity surgery.


Surgical intervention has been shown to be the only means by which morbidly obese people can achieve long-lasting weight loss with the associated improvements in health and general well-being. The LAP-BAND System would appear to be a safe and efficacious surgical option.