Efficacy of the LAP-BAND System - Reduction in BMI and %EWL

The LAP-BAND System produces weight loss by restricting the amount of food an individual can consume and by inducing a feeling of early satiety. Published literature reports data for up to four years post LAP-BAND System surgery with sustained weight loss. To date, there are no publications noting average weight regain. The results from studies with at least two-year follow-up follow:





Resolution of Comorbidities

Morbid obesity is associated with serious medical problems (59). Studies indicate that even a mild reduction (10%) in weight produces an improvement in glycemic control and a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels (60). Two studies have been published that establish the improvement in comorbidities associated with weight loss through use of the LAP-BAND System (54)(61).


In Dixon et al. (61) , eleven patients with diabetes (Type II) either showed significant improvement (65%) or complete resolution (35%) one year after LAP-BAND placement. Twelve asthmatic patients (66%) showed reduced numbers of episodes and need for medication, and six (33%) were without therapy and free of attacks. Nine hypertensive patients were followed for one year with three (33%) improved, and six (66%) with normal blood pressures off therapy. An average 30% reduction of serum triglyceride levels was also seen in this study.


Alvarez-Cordero et al. (53) report the following improvement in comorbidities related to weight loss after LAP-BAND System surgery; "nine out of fifteen patients are free from antihypertensive drugs, six out of eleven from hypoglycemic drugs and other comorbidities (sleep apnea, bone pains) improved in all cases". Several other published abstracts and papers mention the improvement or resolution of comorbidities associated with weight loss after placement of the LAP-BAND System (53)(62)(30).


Patient Satisfaction - Quality of Life

When a severely obese person's weight is reduced, their quality of life improves significantly (63) (33)(30) in terms of life expectancy (64) and happiness (65)(4). One "Quality of Life" study showed that after weight loss LAP-BAND System patients have renewed interests and vitality towards their personal lives with the most significant change being their perception of improved physical health and physical functioning (3). The adjustable nature of the LAP-BAND System allowed some pregnant patients to reduce the rate of weight loss or even gain back weight during their pregnancy and removing fluid from the band to enlarge the stoma has been shown to reduce vomiting when this symptom occurred (66).


Patient Satisfaction

Related to reductions in comorbidities and improvements in their quality of life, patients have reportedly expressed a high satisfaction rate with the LAP-BAND procedure (9). Most patients are satisfied with the procedure and their outcomes (62)(67) and the LAP-BAND System has been called the "most easily accepted [procedure] by the patients" (68).